Fractional radiofrequency is a technology that is similar to fractional lasers of
rejuvenation. Its principle consists in causing many temporary micro injuries (by
heating) in the dermis to generate a significant stimulation of collagen. The waves
are electromagnetic waves that transform electrical energy into heat
in the human body.

- Firmness of the face, neck, neckline
- Eye contour: wrinkles, bags and dark circles
- Dilated pores
- Skin imperfections

It is possible to treat the face, neck, neckline.




An oil-based product is applied to the areas to be treated.
The tip was passed over the areas for 15 to 30 minutes.
5 to 10 sessions spaced 15 days apart are recommended.




- Non-invasive and minimally painful technique
- No social eviction
- No incisions or scars
- The effects last over time
- Results visible from the first session, then optimal results within 6 months

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