Professional LED for aesthetics.
Phototherapy, also called photo-stimulation, is a means of treating the skin with light produced by an LED device in our aesthetic technology center.
Each type of light (blue/red/red/redfrared) is absorbed by a certain type of cell, at a different depth and exerts a very specific action.

- Improvement of cellular mobility
- Anti-microbial action
- Increased cell proliferation
- Stimulation of the natural production of certain molecules secreted by cells (growth factors, antibacterial proteins, anti-inflammatory molecules)
It is possible to treat the face (except the eyes), areas of the body with stretch marks or scars and the scalp.


Initially, the anti-UV glasses will be placed on the eyes, then the head of the device will be positioned about 3 cm from the face or area to be treated, ideal treatment in addition to other treatments for a soothing, regenerating and antimicrobial action.




- Non-invasive - no contact
- Painless
- Reduces stretch marks and scars
- Anti-aging supplement to all facial care protocols
- Possibility of coupling with other treatments

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