Hydro Micro-dermabrasion.
HydroPeel is a non-invasive cleaning, moisturizing and revitalizing device for
the skin. It combines cleaning, hydration, rejuvenation, lightening and protection
antioxidant. Suction, based on water and microbubbles, is a combination of processes
non-invasive. They allow a deep cleansing by exfoliating and extracting impurities,
dead skin, blackheads, blackheads, blackheads, keratin residues in hair follicles. The
Hair follicles are then hydrated and nourished, restoring the skin's softness and radiance.


- Treatments for problem skin
- Oily and porous skin
- Dry and dehydrated skin
- Incarnate hairs
- Comedones

It is possible to treat the face, neck and back.


During your appointment in our aesthetic technology centre, after a make-up removal, the hydro micro-dermabrasion tip is passed over the area.
With one, two or three lotions adapted to treat each skin problem.
The session lasts 15 to 30 minutes.


- Non-invasive
- No side effects or social eviction
- No skin preparation is required
- Bottom treatment of the skin
- Suitable for all skin types