MAGIC ROOM, Health & Beauty Partner

Magic Room is a space dedicated to all the new advanced beauty technologies, specialist to rejuvenating and beauty for the face and body.


Our machines and products have the CE label, so they comply with the French marketing regulations.



Located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, it offers quality treatments in a modern center that respond efficiently and safely to specific customer requirements: 


- Treatment of sagging skin on the face and body

- Treatment of pigment spots  

- Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles

- Treatment of skin firmness and elasticity

- Treatment of dilated pores and skin texture 

- Hydration treatment and skin nutrition

- Double chin treatment

- Treatment of the oval of the face

- Acne scar treatment

- Treatment of redness

- Treatment of body cellulite

- Treatment of small localized fat 


Before any session, a diagnosis will be made, taking into account your expectations, your skin type, the treatments you could have carried out beforehand, your allergies....



For any request for care at Magic Room 16 do not hesitate to send your requests by email, via the contact form or call 06 43 13 13 13 32.


Treatments are by appointment only.