Non-surgical lifting.
Treatment for the oval of the face, double chin and neck  in our aesthetic technology centre.
High intensity focused ultrasound is a revolutionary process designed to induce immediate and long-lasting skin rejuvenation and effectively treats sagging skin.
The ultrasonic energy used, through coagulation points, will cause the production of collagen and the re-tensioning of tissues.

There are 3 types of depth of action used: 1.5mm (epidermis), 3mm (deep dermis), 4.5mm (muscles), which will be related to the treatment indications.

- Localized excess fat is dislodged by the destruction of fat cells
- Restoration of the firmness of the oval of the face

It is possible to treat the oval of the face, jowls, double chin, neck and neckline.


First, the depth and energy delivered according to the skin layer you want to reach will be determined.
After tracing the areas to be treated and applying a conductive gel, the applicator will be moved to the targeted areas point by point following the control screen.
A session lasts one hour.
One to three sessions spaced 1 month apart are recommended.


- Non-invasive and minimally painful technique
- No social eviction
- No incisions or scars
- The effects last over time
- Results visible from the first session, then optimal results within 6 months