C-Pen automatic needler.
The electronic C-Pen needler is a pen with micro titanium needles. Thanks to its
back and forth movements generated by its electronic motor, the hands will penetrate to a depth
pre-determined in the skin. It creates micro-perforations invisible to the naked eye that stimulate
the production of collagen and elastin. A serum with a high concentration of active ingredients,
peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc... will be able to penetrate deeply into the dermis. Each
serum will be adapted to treat different problems (scars, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, dehydration,
dark circles...).

- Stimulation of cell renewal: replacement of old cells by
the news
- Considerable reduction of scars and stretch marks
- Visible action on wrinkles and irregularities

It is possible to treat the face as a whole and all areas of the body
with scars and stretch marks.


Application of the active ingredients beforehand and throughout the session. Adjustment
the depth of the most suitable C-Pen needles and then pass over the
areas to be treated.
The session lasts 15 to 20 minutes.
4 to 6 sessions are recommended at 15 day intervals.


- Treatment of large surfaces in a short time
- No social eviction
- Quickly visible results
- Low pain and non-invasive
- Possibility to couple with other treatments such as peeling or led for example

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